Volume 2 Number 1, 2018

  1. Beyond the Mantra of Stomach Infrastructure Ekiti Politics and the Sociology of Voting in the 2015 Elections by Azeez Olaniyan
  2. An Asymmetric Money Income Relationship in Gambia A Test of Monetary and Real Business Cycle Hypotheses by Mohammed Umar,  Mustapha Mohammed Abdullahi,  Abubakar Abdullahi Kumo
  3. Building without Pillars Nigeria and the Quagmire of Nation Building 1966-1999 by Ineke, Ugbede Joseph
  4. Public Diplomacy and Bilateral Relations Building Options for National Economic Development in Nigeria by  Oluranti Afowowe
  5. Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Nigeria and International Trade Travails and Resilience 1918 to 1940 by Bose Okuntola
  6. Dynamics of Islamic Economic Principles on Selected Components of the Millennium Development Goals towards Human and National Development by  Abdus-Samici Imam Arikewuyo
  7. Therapeutic Insights into Maqāṣid al Sharīʿah (Ultimate Objectives of Sharī ah) by Abiola Muideen Lateef
  8. E Government Implementation in Nigeria Exploring Panacea for Good Governance by Musa Mohammed W. Kirfi
  9. Niyi Osundare s Village Voices as People s Determination and Collective Will by Abubakar Bappa
  10. The Land Use Act and the Challenges of Housing in Nigeria by Christiana Ejura Attah
  11. Land Use Change and Rural Livelihood in Changing Climate in Semi Arid Akko LGA Gombe Nigeria by R. D. Abu, G. O. Abu, L.A Mbaya
  12. Civil Society Organizations and the Development of Nigeria s Foreign Policy by Afaha Philip U.
  13. Political Thuggery and Violence in Gombe of Nigeria an Examination of Kalare Phenomenon by Abubakar Umar Alhaji, Bala Rabiu Hashidu, Abdulkadir Ahmed, Ramatu Boyi
  14. Agitations in the North and Niger Delta of Nigeria up to 2007 Confrontation or Competition by Baba Abdulkadir Aikoye
  15. الشعر العربي النيجيري ومقاومة الأخلاق الرذيلة by Abdulrafu A. Asalejo
  16. الرؤى والآفاق المستقبلية للتعليم العربي في نيجيريا by Adam Adebayo Sirajudeen, Kamil Adeleke Adeyemi