Volume 2 Number 1, 2018 

ISSN: 2315-9758

  1. Beyond the Mantra of Stomach Infrastructure Ekiti Politics and the Sociology of Voting in the 2015 Elections by Azeez Olaniyan, PhD, 1-22
  2. An Asymmetric Money Income Relationship in Gambia A Test of Monetary and Real Business Cycle Hypotheses by Mohammed Umar, PhD 2 Mustapha Mohammed Abdullahi, PhD & 3 Abubakar Abdullahi Kumo, PhD, 22-32
  3. Building without Pillars Nigeria and the Quagmire of Nation Building 1966-1999 by Ineke, Ugbede Joseph, 33-42
  4. Public Diplomacy and Bilateral Relations Building Options for National Economic Development in Nigeria by  Oluranti Afowowe. 43-56
  5. Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Nigeria and International Trade Travails and Resilience 1918 to 1940 by Bose Okuntola, PhD, 57-70
  6. Dynamics of Islamic Economic Principles on Selected Components of the Millennium Development Goals towards Human and National Development by  Abdus-Samici Imam Arikewuyo, PhD, 71-86
  7. Therapeutic Insights into Maqāṣid al Sharīʿah (Ultimate Objectives of Sharī ah) by Abiola Muideen Lateef, PhD, 87-98
  8. E Government Implementation in Nigeria Exploring Panacea for Good Governance by Musa Mohammed W. Kirfi, PhD, 99-112
  9. Niyi Osundare s Village Voices as People s Determination and Collective Will by Abubakar Bappa, PhD, 113-128
  10. The Land Use Act and the Challenges of Housing in Nigeria by Christiana Ejura Attah, 129-144
  11. Land Use Change and Rural Livelihood in Changing Climate in Semi Arid Akko LGA Gombe Nigeria by 1 R. D. Abu, PhD 2G. O. Abu, L.A Mbaya, PhD, 145-156
  12. Civil Society Organizations and the Development of Nigeria s Foreign Policy by Afaha, Philip U., PhD, 157-166
  13. Political Thuggery and Violence in Gombe of Nigeria an Examination of Kalare Phenomenon by Abubakar Umar Alhaji, Bala Rabiu Hashidu, Abdulkadir Ahmed & Ramatu Boyi, 167-180
  14. Agitations in the North and Niger Delta of Nigeria up to 2007 Confrontation or Competition by Baba, Abdulkadir Aikoye, 181-192
  15. الشعر العربي النيجيري ومقاومة الأخلاق الرذيلة by Abdulrafu A. Asalejo, PhD
  16. الرؤى والآفاق المستقبلية للتعليم العربي في نيجيريا by Adam Adebayo Sirajudeen, PhD & Kamil Adeleke Adeyemi, PhD